Wolff Recoil Calibration Spring Pack Glock

Price: $ 40.00

SKU: 30491

For use in: Glock 26 (9mm) 27, (40S&W) 33 (357 SIG)

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Recoil Calibration Packs are offered to allow the shooter a choice of recoil springs to calibrate the recoil function when the correct spring rating is not known. The shooter starts with the strongest spring and works down until the desired recoil function is obtained. Each Pak contains several recoil springs and offers a savings over buying them individually. Three power firing pin/striker springs are also included.


  • Glock 26, 27, and 33 in 9mm Luger and 40 S&W and 357 Sig respectively.
    Kit Contains:
  • One each of the following extra power recoil springs: 16, 18, and 20 pounds.
  • Three factory stength striker springs.
  • Factory new production Glock recoil springs are 16 pounds.
  • Recoil springs fit over a pistol’s guide rod and control how the pistol’s slide functions.
  • In general, heavy loads need heavy springs and lighter loads need lighter springs. There is no hard and fast rule as to how much “Spring” a pistol needs. Too light a spring and the pistol opens and closes early and hard, increasing the felt reoil and battering the frame. Too heavy a spring and the slide is hard to open and may not cycle completely, jamming the pistol.
  • Shooters who are using +P ammunition or self defense ammunition will likely need heavier recoil springs.
  • Shooters who are using target ammunition may be able to use lighter recoil springs.
  • Installation requires disassembly and reassembly of the slide from the pistol.


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