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Wheeler AR-15 Bench Block

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Bench Block AR-15

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Wheeler AR-15 Bench Block

The AR-15 Bench Block helps you secure your AR parts while installing a pin, detent, or spring.
Specifically designed for AR-15 assembly and disassembly, the AR-15 Bench Block is the perfect tool.
Made of extremely durable, non-marring urethane to protect the finish of your firearms and last for years. It features a variety of notches, grooves, and holes on both sides and is ideally suited for the upper receiver, lower receiver, front sight and charging handle of an AR-15. Positions the upper receiver, lower receiver, front sight, and charging handle for maintenance or assembly.

Technical Information

WHEELER part #: 156945
AR-15 Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, Front Sight, and Charging Handle
Material: Urethane
SIZE: 5.25″ L x 3.75″ W x 1.25″ H









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