Universal Snail Capper

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This snail shaped capper is made with a long narrow neck to reach into Colt style cylinders, and some in-line rifles. It works well with the Colt Walker, Dragoon, Army, Navy, Pocket, Police, most Confederate, and the Rogers & Spencer.

Rifles, shotguns, and single shot pistols are easily capped with this nice replica of an original cap magazine, shown in Ned Roberts book The Muzzle Loading Caplock Rifle.

Not recommended for the Remington, Spiller & Burr, Whitney, or revolvers with shrouded nipples, which are more difficult to cap. Use our straight line capper for such revolvers, that are made with Remington style cylinders.

A wonderful presentation piece, or an ideal “Award Medal” for a shooting event, the polished brass surfaces can be engraved at your local Trophy Shop, to commemorate your gift, sentiments, or your event.

Best quality, made in the U.S.A., by  Tedd Cash.

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