Two-Piece Barrel Band Fits .675″-.725″ Tube

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GrovTec Two-Piece Barrel Band Fits .675″-.725″ Tube Magazines 1″ Loops Black


GrovTec is the name you know and trust when it comes to finding the perfect swivel attachment system. GrovTec’s swivel hardware comes complete with everything you need to get your firearm ready to mount that perfect sling. GrovTec’s hardware is constructed from high quality components and precision machining to ensure perfect fit and excellent operation.

Specifications and Features:
GrovTec Two-Piece Barrel Band GTSW-302
Sling Swivel Set
Split Band Tube Magazine
1″ Sling Loops
Made in the USA

Magazine Tubes .675″ to .725″ in diameter
Henry Lever Actions H006, H009, H010. Big Boy .30-30 Brass Frame, and .44 Mag
Ithaca/SKB 500, 600, 608 Over/Under 20 Gauge
Marlin 1895, 1895-S .45-70 Gov.
Winchester 101, 101 XTR, and 201. 20 Gauge

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