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SPECS: Sorbothane® visco-elastic polymer, Black Medium - 1.93" (4.9cm) x 5.33" (13.5cm). DA = Dual Action.

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Soft, Genuine Sorbothane~

These pads don’t just slow recoil down, they actually cut the kick dramatically by absorbing it! Made from soft, springy, Sorbothane, they end next-day-hurt, tame large caliber flinch and allow recoil-sensitive shooters to shoot in comfort. Won’t ever bottom out. Grind and shape like regular pads, just don’t allow heat to build up. 200 Series Dual Action Sporting Clays pad has two layers of Sorbothane for extra protection. The first layer reacts quickly to absorb initial recoil, while the second layer dissipates the remaining energy to maximize absorption. Heel is canted approximately 45° for easy shouldering from the “low gun” position. 300 Series All Purpose has a slightly concave face designed for all shooting applications. 300 Series Dual Action All Purpose pad combines the two-layer absorption properties of the 200 Series Dual Action pads with a flat back and downward-canted ends for easy shouldering in a wide variety shooting applications. 400 Series Trap has a more pronounced concave face than 300 Series for fixed-position trapshooting. 500 Series Magnum is designed for heavy recoiling guns and has a flat face and downward canted ends for easy shouldering. All pads feature solid sides, a black base, and leather-grain textured face.

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