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KZ112 - Fits Marlin 336/444/450/512; Mossberg 500 AG Turkey/9200/9300, wood; Remington 870 Wingmaster (non-Express)/870 Police/11-87 SP (1992 only), wood; Weatherby Vanguard, wood; Winchester 70 Carbine (.30-06)/Mod 100, wood. SPECS: Sorbothane synthetic rubber, black. Approximately 1-3⁄16" (3cm) thick. Includes (2) mounting screws and installation instructions.* Buttpad height measured from heel to toe.

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Recoil-Absorbing Pads For Popular Rifles & Shotguns; Drop-In Installation

Drop-in replacement buttpad with outstanding recoil absorption properties reduces felt recoil by as much as 90%. Minimizes flinch for fast, accurate follow up shots and no “day after” shoulder pain. These pads are pre-shaped to fit the factory stock contours and screw spacing of specific rifle and shotgun models, so there’s no grinding, fitting, or drilling. Remove the current buttpad, replace with a Kick-Eez. Made of Sorbothane®, a unique visco-elastic polymer that disperses recoil energy outward, away from the shooter’s shoulder, without distorting or bottoming out. Retains its 100% memory even after thousands of shots.

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