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Maxi Nitro Cards .125″ (1000/Bag)

Available in the following gauges:  11ga

Nitro cards are used as a seal or space between the powder and the plastic wad or directly underneath shot. They can be used in place of a plastic shotcup in many retro-style and English game loads.

Many modern load designs use nitro card wads inside the base of the shotcup to adjust the shot column height (for proper crimping). Nitro card wads are die cut from specialized industrial board materials. These materials are specifically selected and tested to withstand the tortures of expanding propellant gasses and heavy payloads.

ga/cal Bore Size Wad Size Notes
10ga .775″ .790″ 12ga MagTech overshot card
12ga .729″ .740″
20ga .615″ .625″ 24ga MagTech Brass
24ga .579″ .589″ 28ga MagTech Brass
28ga .550″ .560″
.410 .410″ .412″ .410 is true bore size

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