Price: $ 27.00 each 1/2 lb. or $52.50 each 1 lb.

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For chamber casting and various other projects

1/2 pound ingot $ 27.00 each
1 pound ingot $52.50 each

This alloy has a low melting point, melting between 158º and 190º F, considerably lower than the boiling point of water.
It is useful for making reference castings whose dimensions can be correlated to those of the mold or other template due to its well-known thermal expansion properties during cooling. The alloy contracts during the first 30 minutes, allowing easy removal from a mold, then expands during the next 30 minutes to return to the exact original size. It then continues expanding at a known rate for 200 hours, allowing conversion of measurements of the casting back to those of the mold

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