Winchester An American Legend R.L. Wilson Hardcopy  $40.00
Illustrated Catalog Of Civil War Military Goods Schuyler, Hartley & Graham Paperback, minor spine damage  $25.00
The Gunfighters Time Life Good condition $10.00
Guns of Gunfighters Gun&Ammo Binding loose $25.00
Gunsmithing of the Old West 2nd Ed David R. Chicoine Paperback Signed copy $60.00
Gunsmithing Old West 1st Ed David R. Chicoine Paperback Signed copy SOLD
Civil War Collector’s Encyclopedia Francis A. Lord Hardcover in good condition $15.00
Pistol & revolver Guide Shooter’s Bible Paperback , Fair condition $10.00
Guide to Antique American Firearms 5th Ed Norm Flayderman’s Paperback $5.00
History of S&W 10th Anniv Ed Roy G. Jinks Hardcover in good condition  $25.00
Gun Fighters Colonel Charles Askins Hardcover in good condition  $25.00
Black Powder & The Old West Shoot Magazine Paper back $10.00
American Firearms Makers A. Merwyn Carey Hardcover in good condition missing jacket $10.00
Colt Peacemaker Revolver 476 ELEY Keith Cochran Paper back, good condition  $5.00
Firearms Bluing & Browning R.H. Angier Hardcover, in good condition  $5.00
The Gunfighters Lea F. McCarty Paperback, Good condition $10.00
The Cowboy Way: A Pictorial Saga of the Legendary American Cowboy Mimi Altree Hardcover, like new $15.00
Bluecoats US ARMY in the West John P. Langellier Paperback, good condition  $10.00
The Peacemakers: Arms and Adventures in the American West R.L. Wilson Hardcover, good condition  $40.00
Shooting Buffalo Rifles of the Old West Mike Venturino Paper back, good condition $20.00
Colt Cavalry, Artillery & Militia Revolvers Keith Cochran Hardcover, good condition  $50.00
The Revolutionary War Bart McDowell Hardcover, good condition $10.00
COLTS from the William M. Locke Collection Robert b. Berryman Hardcover, in Very  good condition  $40.00
COLT’S SAA Revolver: The Legend, the Romance & the Rivals Doc O’Meara Hardcover, in Very  good condition  $30.00
Colt Firearms 1836-1960 James E. Serven Hardcover, in Very  good condition, missing jacket  $40.00
Firearms of the American West Loius A. Garvaglia & Charles G.Worman Harcoiver, in Very  good findition $40.00

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